Zaful Wish List! Dress Formal Dress

For the past few years, Zaful has been a well-known name amongst us fashion lovers! they are one of the best online and highly reviewed retail stores to rise up through social media, and I for one am very happy to support the brand!

Below are some key pieces/items, that of which I have had my eyes on for the past week, especially now that summer is just around the corner I found Zaful to be the place to shop for the best spring/summer patterned trends and, personally, with my style ever evolving along with my age, these days I tend to swing more towards the more sophisticated and well put together looks that either has that slight poppiness or edge to them, and Zaful had just what I needed!... with their 'dress formal dress' which are stunningly beautiful! some come long draped, off the shoulders or even with that bodycon look that we all love! (Click here to view Zaful's dress formal dress) though to view all of my picks and perhaps to buy from my wish list you can simply click on the images below

Happy Shopping!


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  1. I love Zaful, they have an amazing selection of items. The black off shoulder flared sleeve top is just lovely.

    Princess Audu

    1. +SarahEnuwaAudu exactly! btw thanks for reading and commenting, the spring trend is all about the ruffle bell armed tops so am glad u liked it, as do i :) keep in touch hun! xoxoxo

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  3. The swim wear is so cute. I love Zaful. They have great stuff.x



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