Ivy Park & Oh Polly!

If you've been following my blog for while you would have seen that I love wearing various colors and patterned clothes though now in the new year (2017) a lot has changed! one being that my admirations for patterned and vibrant clothing have worn itself out! knowingly, these days my style always seems to fluctuate, but I welcome it, as its fun to venture in all fashion styles (I mean, my blog is fashion focused!) though, on the other hand, I do know one thing for sure! and it's that 'Black is my go to color to wear, it's easy and matches 99% of everything! be sure to shop my look below which contains products from Beyonce's Ivy Park line, the newest Instagram clothing hotspot 'Oh Polly' H&M & Topshop + shop my other looks, by clicking here!

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Thanks, lovelies!

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