MY 2017 Goals!

I have awaited the new year of 2017 for the longest as 2016 really was my sorest year, and am sorry to sound like a spoiled child but honestly, nothing went my way! although on a brighter note! coming towards the end of 2016 a few things do seem to be promising for me in the coming year '2017' hence why I am super excited that it's finally here!

My Goals were not set by new year resolution standards as am sure we all know by now that we've all got a bit of 'Greek' in us, we like to go on tantrums, smash plates and throw away new year resolutions when times get tough or for all you fitness lovers out there, its when cake gets thrown in your face, but with all the sarcasm aside I really just want to focus on the serious things this year such as:

  •   My career/ becoming my own boss
  • improving my financial status
  • priority management
  • being more organized so that multitasking won't be such a hair ripping chore
  • combatting my fears
  • traveling at least twice
  • focusing less on being socially fit and focusing more on being a balanced and moderate lover of the gym

So there you have it! my goals! and to summarize it all, I just want to take more action to become the person I want to be and gain the life I see for myself, by taking steps that suit my pace. 

what are your goals and have you fulfilled any yet? do let me know below in the comment section!
It'll be great to hear from you!

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