geographically sleep is a major thing, it helps with improving fatigues, storing energy, the health of your brain as well as aiding in the growth of your body and blood hypertension, though what happens when you're sleep deprived? 

deprivation of sleep throws your body off balance, all the positive sides of sleep will now be turned into the negative sides of not having enough sleep. it's a position no one would like to be in as sleep is what you need to literally function, concentrate, communicate, and quite frankly make enjoying your day-to-day life easier! in most cases people find it hard to get back on track as in some cases  insomnia may occur which will make getting their routine back, that much harder!...but fear not! below are 3 steps of my own personal tricks and tips that will help you get your 'right side of the bed' back!...keep reading to find out how you can have a goodnight's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed day, after day, after day!

The first step is to 'Insolate!' this may sound weird but keeping your body warm simply helps to retract and calm your muscles/mind, it will aid you into have a restful sleep. 

the steps to achieve this is by 1stly taking a warm bath/soak in Lavender, it's a well-known flower that has a herbaceous aroma that soothes the body whilst promoting good energy/stamina for the next day.
additionally, you should also opt for a cup of caffeine free tea, my favorite is Red Rooibos tea, it's an South African herb that when fermented turns red giving it a distinctive color from the other teas. the benefits of the tea include prevention of hypertension, headaches, insomnia and premature aging! though if you're not convinced, here's another helpful fact sheet on the product (click here

Step 2
The second step is to create an ambiance! creating an ambiance that is both atmospherical and personable sets the mood for bed, it lets your body know that you are ready to relax. simply by lowering the light in your room or by having no light at all will help, although through my personal experiences having a bedside lamp will be more useful, though I will state why this is beneficial in my 3rd and final step. now back to my second step, next you will need the right set of PJ's!
PJ's with medium thickness are best to sleep in as materials that are too thin can make you feel cold and uneasy and materials that are too thick can make you hot and bothered! though do feel free to alternate during different seasonal climates. the next step is to add that personal touch/self-satisfaction; personally, I find that adding a fragrance that makes me feel confident and reminiscent to areas that my nose can pick up easily, such as my neck and arms helps me to fall asleep feeling happy and stress free, the turn-over of this is highly beneficial as not only will I wake up smelling great but I would also feel confident in my own skin too, just by adding that slight touch of lux or anything (non-distractive) that makes you feel good can make going to bed seem less forceful and more like a sweet sensation or your perfect happy place.

Step 3

The final step is to read! and although this may not apply to everyone as reading can be fun for some people! reading a book that isn't as engaging or interesting to you can help.

 The main synopsis of why reading is great for you is because using your eyes is the main source of taking in information straight to the brain, though because you've prepared your body and mind for relaxation when you try to read your mind isn't powered up enough to be able to take all this information in so it sends out a message to the body letting you know that you can't read any further. this is where the sudden slow blinks of the eyes comes in, also known as R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movements).

reading animated GIF
going back to 'step 2' where I spoke about setting the right ambiance I mentioned that having a bedside lamp would be more useful and this is why. when you start to blink repeatedly its an indication that your about to fall asleep therefore having that lamp light closer to your bedside will help for an easy transition into sleep as getting up to turn off the light could send active messages to your brain telling it that your not tired when really you are.

If you enjoyed this post feel free to comment/share to help others who suffer from sleep deprivation, depression or high blood pressures.

Please note: Before attempting these steps please put away all social media and have your daily tasks completed as your mind should be clear and stress free to relieve you from any distractions, in addition to this please note that I am not a medical professional therefore I cannot offer medical advice, this is a personal informative post regarding my own experiences with sleep deprivation and what has worked for me. I urge you to seek medical advice from your GP practitioners before trying my methods. 

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