A Blogger's Missing Camera & How To Solve It!

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So as of late my camera has been somewhat acting strangely.
either it's not responding to my SD card input, playing hide and seek or its being borrowed.
it seems that camera's like going 'MIA' (missing in action) on me.
Am positive we can all relate on this (hence the post) its the same as buying countless socks that go's for walks on its own but then ends up getting lost and then were all frantic thinking 'how many socks did I buy this year?'..what's that?... a hundred you say?... so where the bloody heck are they!
anywho enough of the metaphorical phrases.

As bloggers losing our camera's is the saddest thing that could ever happen, not only do they exceed the cost of a months rent but without them our blogs would be a plain Jane
since I have been a victim of these predicaments I thought to write a post on how I have battled these trivial tests by sharing tips on what else you can do as a blogger when your camera has gone 'MIA'.
  • Be positive: :

1st step is to let go think rational and retrace your steps. if you  know within yourself that you didn't leave it outside or on the back of a bus then worry not!
think of all the other amazing things that come's with blogging, such as practicing your flat lays, answering emails, being twitter savvy and joining in on blogger chats. network guys! take your mind off it. if it happens to be the worse case scenario and it absolutely can't wait! then a deep clean is always therapeutic as you're also bound to find it + at the end, you'll have a minimalist place that brings calamity back to you. its a win, win!

  • Journal it/Plan it/Draft it:

So blogging comes with all its perks and its downfalls e.g your new camera plays up and now you got to revert to using your old camera that's really not great! even your iPhone beats its quality, but the iPhone is more a selfie tech not useable by a tripod so it'll be hard to snap yourself doing full body vogue poses right? then don't use it! a lot of the times I found myself giving excuses but in the end I was never happy with the outcome of using low-quality pictures, as that post that took me a whole day to polish would be deleted by the end of the week. was it worth it?... No! therefore, guys unless you have a good editing software that has photoshopping qualities then don't risk it. just wait and focus on your upcoming posts that you dream about ever too often. get them on paper, journal it! plan it! draft it! this will help you fast track your posts. they would be edited and grammatically perfect so next all you have to worry about is getting that final picture that would piece everything together.
and even that also should be already planned. there are so many attractive quotation/notational books out there to inspire you to keep pushing ahead with your blog so don't let a little camera scare/deter your plans.

  • Organize your blog:
Now that your out of the race of competing to upload posts as we all know consistency is key to blogging. why not also take a look at your blog maybe it needs a little TLC (tender loving care) too.
perhaps an update on its template/layout is needed. if so, there are great web design platforms that offer templates at a reasonable price. as of, 2016 it seems 'Pipdig' is a trending and reliable source. whether you feel your blog doesn't or it does need one is up to you but on the other hand your blog is your main attraction. it's also your branding! therefore, proof read and think outside the box...as a viewer do you like your blog? does your persona come across well? where can you focus your time more? running a blog is like any other business, there's always tweaks needed.

  • Be futuristic:Image of a Floating Bubble
Now that everything has fallen into place and you have reviewed your blog. you probably found your camera by now too!(sarcasm) its time to look to the future. only you know your blog better than anyone else as your blog equivalates to being you.
your approach to your blogging will be more positive, confident and high in quality...you won't just blasé it off like I did with numerous excuses. Guy's I hope this has helped you as it has me.


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