Coming Clean!

The other day I was at work and there were only 30 minutes left before closing. I noticed that there was one lady sitting out back enjoying the little sun that London gets sipping on our fresh mixed berry smoothie with a chocolate brownie on the side (I am writing very descriptively as a reminder, because I am clearly glad I met this lady).

 I approached her to let her know of our closing times and how sorry I was as she looked to be really enjoying her time outside in the sun. she seemed very suprised but was very kind about it. I asked her if she has been to my work place before and she confirmed that she has. I told her that she seems very happy and therefore asked if there was something special on? she replied with a jolly smile 'no but sometimes its really nice to just enjoy yourself' I agreed and so the coversation flowed though never did I expect that her reasons were because of an illness she may have as I began to find out more about her. I felt very comfortable and started to relate by speaking of our similarities.

 Long story short is that I am very glad to have met this lady. she put a whole new spiritual insight into my life and made  me more positive. another reason is because a week later she popped back in once again 30 minutes before we closed (How coincidental) to bring me a letter which I took a shot off (above) as a memorabilia. its also self explanatory to my reasons for being away from blogging for so long. quite frankly I think its been a year which is quite honestly really bad but considering my issues its was uncontrollable. back to the story though, this lady had truly made my day. 

Little things like this helps me to look to the future on a positive note and pushes me to do the things I love in which blogging is one of them and am glad to finally say that I am back. but there is a but! :/ if I do end up occassionally straying off again maybe for a week of no posts am hoping that my beloved blog readers can understand and forgive me. if anything I promise I wont stray for a year nor over a month without posting. but there is a but! XD I am not looking to look back instead I want to be present and therefore my beloved blog readers. do! look forward to some awesome posts coming your way

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